Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

Sounds delicious, right? Well I'm sorry to disappoint but we're not talking about that kind of Cookie.

A Cookie is just a text file with a few scraps of information on it. Websites use these for tons of reasons, here's a couple of common ones.

  • Remembering who you are when you log in, so you don't need to do it again every time you refresh the page.
  • Remembering order information, to make virtual "shopping baskets" work.
  • Analysing how users interact with a website, in order to improve it.
  • And many more!

On Welsh Framing Supplies there are a small number of Cookies set by third party services we use. I'll explain them to you quickly here.

  • Google Analytics - This is a service that allows us to monitor the way that people interact with our site, and only our site. This should help us to more quickly identify problem areas so we can improve the experience for you.

  • Google Maps - Some of our pages include interactive maps provided by Google. Google may set cookies to store information and preferences about maps or other associated Google services on pages where we embed these maps.

More detailed information about Google's use of Cookies can be found in their Privacy Policy.